Scott Kinabalu 2.0 Shoe Review

Trail Running shoes are my passion. I used Salomon, Hoka, Raidlight and finally a which is the topic of this review. I got it from Scott UK and thanks to them, as this is a very good Trail Running shoe I wasn’t aware of.

The shoe is not an incredible Light one but definately is very light shoe. The one I got was the improved 2.0 version of the Kinabalu Trail series. It has great cushioning. Not as much as Hoka but definately not a barefoot type shoe. It is a very comfortable design to start from your door to go to your trails and parks near by.

Scott-Kinabalu (3)

The Scott T2 Kinabalu HS Men has a special feature starting from the fabric of the shoe. This is called Hydro Shield. What it does is the out fabric of the shoe does not retain water and water beads more effectively on the surface of the shoe and is repelled. This helps the shoe not get any soggy when running in heavy rain. This is a great feature for long distance runners where the are some occasions like continuous 6 hrs of raining in UTMB. 🙂

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One of the other feature that I like about the shoe is it forces you to put a mid front foot strike. This is how I felt. if you look at the design of the shoe you will notice that. I felt really comfortable, especially in rocky downhill sections.

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Specifications – Scott T2 Kinabalu HS Men

  • 360° Visible Reflectors
  • AeroFoam+
  • eRide
  • Forefoot – 18mm
  • Heel – 29mmHeel to forefoot drop – 11mm
  • HydroShield

Scott-Kinabalu (1)

  • Insole Concept
  • Lace Bungee
  • Rock-Protection-Plate
  • Self-Cleaning Lug Positioning
  • Weight – 280g
  • Wet-Traction-Rubber

Scott-Kinabalu (2)

One of the other feature that I liked was the shoe laces. It has long laces for every different runner, striker and person. That is good. But on the other hand they added an elastic cord where you can shape your cords and just hide under this cord in front of the laces. Simple, works really well. Shown Below:

Scott-Kinabalu (6)

I really like the shoes grip as well. When I used the shoe, I thought ” this would not be enough for muddy or wet conditions”. How ever it is quite opposite and works really well. Great grip and no problem at all. I would like to thank for giving me the opportunity to test this fantastic shoe.

Scott-Kinabalu (4)

You can buy the shoe from


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