Salomon S-Lab Advanced Skin M Belt Set

Running gear is evolving everyday. Packs, bottles, shirts and belts. The gears are getting better and better with user comments and ideas sent to the companies. Salomon listens them and evolves products all the time. 1.5 years ago they had launched the first generation  of Salomon Advanced Skin Belt with a mesh and elastic design which hugs you and helps you to carry stuff on the go without any bouncing. This year they improved it and also launched a new and bigger one called, Salomon S-Lab Advanced Skin M Belt Set !

Salomon Advanced Skin M belt is another product and design of Salomon Labs. They changed the design to carry more and suit the races almost up to 50-80kms where you need to carry some mandatory gear. The front part of the pack has a zipped mesh pocket on the left and another one on the right that is not zipped. Between these there are two hooks where you can squeze your small goretex or windproof jacket.

Salomon S-Lab Advanced Skin M Belt Set (1)

Salomon S-Lab Advanced Skin M Belt Set (5)
Behind these there are additional two pockets, both on the each side and they all have hooks for holding either hard 200ml or soft 150, 250 or even 500ml Salomon Soft Flasks. The belt locked by special Salomon clips which can be found on the chest straps of the Salomon Avanced skin packs. These can be adjusted on both sides. I find them really easy both to improve a bit they might have shorter straps or some velcro to attache them to the pack if your hip part is too thin (mine is not)

Behind there is a long zipped section. The great part is Salomon had put two zips each end. So you do not need to use only one hand when you are running. This section you can safely store the goods that you might be sorry when it falls down. But In this pack you won’t have chance to lose things. The mesh hıgs your body and it is very easy for you to carry stuff.
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You can also have a 500ml large Soft Flask and store it at your back as on the front section of the zipped place, there is also a mesh large section where you can put a big bottle or a goretex jacket. This section is horizental and lies along from left to right hand part of the pack. (you can see the White buff sitting along the section in above mentioned picture)

The inner part does not make you wet and is breathable. zips are very Easy to open and close. I would make longer cords to catch easier but I understand that Salomon did it to cut off the wait in every bit which is clever. Thats why including the 500ml soft flask it is only 130 grams.

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Salomon S-LAB Advanced Skin M Belt Set
Designed with athletes for long, intense races, this super light waist belt is form fitting to eliminate bouncing and twisting, but big enough to carry a layer, snacks, even extra hydration.

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Specifications: The Salomon S-Lab Advanced Skin M Belt Set

  • Motion fit trail
  • Sensifit (belt)
  • Twin skin belt
  • 1 back element for safety equipment and apparel
  • 1 front element with multiple secure pockets for energy and hydration
  • Bisephenol-a free
  • Blaster valve
  • Soft flask included (500ml/18oz)
  • Extralight gear carrier
  • Locking flask lace
  • Soft trims
  • Reflective

Weight: 130g /4.2
Fabrics: Elastic Power mesh, 3D mesh, fast wicking fabrics

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