Salomon Advanced Skin S-Lab Belt

I again had the priviledge of testing one of the first Salomon Advanced Skin S-Lab Belt in the UK. This running belt is extremely light and ergonomic. Salomon`s 2013 summer season model has not gone on sale yet (as of 18th October).

It is designed with athletes like Anna Frost, Julien Chrorier, Killian Jornet and Salomon team`s other extreme ultra and trail racers for intense races. This superlight weight, form fitting belt pack with front and back compartments eliminates bouncing and moving during the trail races.

Some of the chracteristics of the pack

Pace Fit system that allows the belt hugging your body. It has the same material on front and back part of the pack like in the Advanced Skin 5 and 12 Liter versions of S-Lab Skin pack series.

It has one fron part with multiple secure pockets for energy and new soft flask hydration. You can also use the 200ml Salomon flasks comfortably with this belt pack.

The back appearel has two large pockets and two elastic cords with reflective logo in the middle to secure your jacket or windproof equipments.

The pack is compatible with soft flasks (both 148 and 237ml ones) It also has two race number holders. The pack is 130 grams and it is made of elastic power mesh, 3D Mesh and Fast Wicking Fabrics.

I had a video review below but the quality was low due to the equipment. So apologies.

Comments about the pack

* The locking mechanism is nit easy to lock and remove the pack. It is very secure but not practical.

* The adjustable cords of the pack could be made of velcro and it would be easier to adjust but i think Salomon engineers have already thought about this in terms of eliminating bouncing. The pack does not bounce. It fits perfectly to your body. The plactic parts at the end of the adjustable cords easily can come off…

* The tiny small two triangular pockets only can get two gels. It is very clever to design them there but gels can easily slip and get lost. A very tiny magnet style closing or Velcro would be fantastic.

* Zippers should have cords.


Pack is extremely light. You do not feel it. It hugs around your waist and does not bounce. It has almost eight small pckets and a cord for jacket. I think you can run to around 50K trail races with these if the necessary equipment is not advanced.

You can easily put 4-5 gels on front left zipped pocket, a mobile phone and emergency blanket on the right one, your keys and two 148ml flasks with juice or water on mesh pockets.

The back part of the pack can hold easily 2 * 237ml Soft Flasks enabling you almost equipped with 750ml of fluid and the cords can hold your jacket.

You can soon buy this product from . Please visit their site and them to pre order.

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