Bmw Art Cars

Sometimes dreams come true. 7 years ago i have went to Munich to see the BMW Museum. But the exhibition was 80% cut down due to renovation of the building. It was total frustration for me. I am a huge fan of Bmw, especially built between 1958 to 1991.

I have visited various Bmw dealers, Bmw shows like “Bmw UK Car Show” or visited various classic car museums like Dalyan, RMK, Heritage, or Chelsea Legends. But when BMW Art Cars came to London, it was all over. the cars i dreamed, collected stickers, posters and even articles was infront of me. They are the world`s most special cars. I had spent 2 hours taking pictures and looking to them. I lived my dream. It was real. I have seen them before passing from this world…

Here are their history and pictures :

What is BMW Art Car Project ? ‘Article from Wikipedia’

The BMW Art Car Project was introduced by the French racecar driver and auctioneer Hervé Poulain, who wanted to invite an artist to create a canvas on an automobile. It was in 1975, when Poulain commissioned American artist and friend Alexander Calder to paint the first BMW Art Car.

This first example would be a BMW 3.0 CSL which Poulain himself would race in the 1975 Le Mans endurance race. Since Calder’s work of art, many other renowned artists throughout the world have created BMW Art Cars, including David Hockney, Jenny Holzer, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Rauschenberg, Frank Stella, and Andy Warhol.

To date, a total of 17 BMW Art Cars, based on both racing and regular production vehicles, have been created. The most recent artist to the join BMW Art Car program is Jeff Koons in 2010 with his M3 GT2, which competed in the 2010 24 Hours of Le Mans but did not finish.

Artists for the BMW Art Car Project are chosen by a panel of international judges.

According to Thomas Girst, who has been in charge of the BMW Art Cars project since 2004, the purpose of the project has changed over time: “In the beginning the cars were raced. There wasn’t much of a public relations effort around them…

Since then, some of the Art Cars have been used in advertisements to show that BMW is a player in the arts. With the Eliason work, part of what we are doing is raising awareness of alternative and renewable energy sources.

BMW 3.0CSL by Alexander Calder, 1979
6-cylinder in-line engine – displacement: 3,210 ccm – power output: 430 hp – top speed: 270 km/ h

BMW M1 group 4 by Andy Warhol, 1979
6-cylinder in.line engine – displacement: 3,498 ccm – power output: 470 hp – top speed: 310 km/h top speed

BMW 3.0 CSL by Frank Stella, 1976
6-cylinder in-line engine with turbocharger – displacement: 3,210 ccm – power output: 750 hp – top speed: 341 km7h

BMW M3 GT2 by Jeff Koons, 2010
4.0-liter V8 engine, displacement: 3.999 cm, power output: 500 hp, top speed: 300 km/h

BMW 320 group 5 by Roy Lichtenstein, 1977
4-cylinder in-line engine, displacement: 2,000 ccm, power output: 300 hp, top speed: 290 km/h

BMW 635CSi by Robert Rauschenberg, 1986
6 cylinder in-line engine – displacement: 3,430 ccm – power output: 185hp – top speed: 213 km/h

BMW 635CSi by Ernst Fuchs, 1982
6-cylinder in-line engine – displacement: 3,430 ccm – power output: 218 hp – top speed: 229 km/h

BMW 525i by Esther Mahlangu
6-cylinder in-line engine – displacement: 2,494 ccm – power output: 192 hp – top speed: 225 km/h

BMW M3 group A race version by Ken done
4-cylinder in-line engine – displacement: 2,322 ccm – power output: 300 hp – top speed: 280 km/h

BMW 850 CSi by David Hockney, 1995
V-12 cylinder in-line engine – displacement: 5,576 ccm – power output: 372 hp – top speed: 248 km/h

BMW Z1 by A.R. Penck, 1991
6-cylinder in-line engine – displacement: 2,494 ccm – power output: 170 hp – top speed: 225 km/h

BMW 3 series racing touring car prototype by Sandro Chia

BMW M3 group A race version by Michael Jagamara nelson, 1989
4-cylinder in-line engine – displacement: 2,332 ccm – power output: 300 hp – top speed: 280 km/h

BMW 730i by césar manrique, 1990
6-cylinder in-line engine – displacement: 2,986 ccm – power output: 188 hp – top speed: 222 km/h

BMW V12 LMR by jenny holzer, 1999
12-cylinder V naturally aspirated engine – displacement: 5,990.5 ccm – power output: maximum 580 hp – top speed: 340 km/h

BMW 535i by Matazo Kayama, 1990
6-cylinder in-line engine – displacement: 3,430 cylinder capacity – power output: 211 hp – 231 km/h top speed


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